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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Leopold Shack

Here is a great story for Green Folks.

An Inexpensive Grey Water System From Aqus by Walt Barrett

In an effort to promote "Green Living" I will be introducing new products on this blog that are relatively inexpensive and will pay for themselves quickly.
The Aqus systen is both simple and reasonable. Please view the video

The AQUS® Grey Water Recycling System

The AQUS System is a small scale grey water recycling system that treats and recycles waste water captured from the bathroom sink to flush the toilet. The AQUS accomplishes waste water reuse via a simple and easy to install system which is patented and supported by the eco community.

The result is a grey water system for the Eco bathroom which contributes to LEED Construction initiatives.

How the AQUS® Grey Water System Recycles Sink Waste Water in the Eco Bathroom

The AQUS consists of two parts: 1) the Fill Control Unit and 2) the Vanity Tank.

The Fill Control Unit effectively clips onto the back of the customer’s toilet and holds the fill valve up, in the off position, which allows the Vanity Tank located under the bathroom sink to fill the tank with treated and recycled sink grey water. The system does not shut off the fresh water supply or cross connect to it. It simply holds the fresh water "OFF" until it is needed to supplement the toilet fill.

Grey Water Recycling and Waste water Reuse

It’s easy to implement grey water recycling and waste water reuse in your Eco bathroom. The Fill Control Unit that AQUS uses is compatible with most two piece toilets on the market today (not compatible with dual flush toilets or one piece toilets). The Vanity Tank holds 5.5 gallons of treated grey water and is 13.5" X 15.5" X 9.5" in size.

To learn more about the AQUS® System water conservation toilet and how it accomplishes grey water recycling and wastewater reuse, view a demonstration video with voice-over commentary.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Is There An Electric Vehicle In Your Future by Walt Barrett © 2010

We have spent nearly fifteen years working with Chinese manufacturers to develop an Electric Vehicle that is of high quality and reasonably priced. These units below are currently selling for under $10,000.00 delivered to most cities in the USA. Please contact us for a quote to your city.

These are the specifications for two of our most popular models that are shown in the videos below.

The Coco Convertible
Dimensions (inch) 03.6 x 60.9 x 61.5
Wheel base (inch) 71.3
Tread width (inch) 53.2
Minimal ground clearance (inch) 5.9
Curb mass(lbs) 1587
Rated load (lbs) 397
Max speed (MPH) 25
Max climbable gradient (%) 25
Min turning diameter (inch) 35.5
Brake(f/r)4-wheel disk type
Brake control (f/r) Hydraulic dual circuit
Rim size(f/r)5.00B
Tire size(f/r)165/70 R13
Tire air pressure(f/r, KPa) 250
Type of transmission Shaft drive
Running distance per charge (Miles) 60
Motor type AC impression
Driving method Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive
Rated power (W) 4000
Max power (W) 8000
Rated rotate speed (RPM) 2250
Max rotate speed (RPM) 5600
Rated voltage (V) 72
Rated torque (N.m) 17
Max torque (N.m) 60
Cooling system Natural
Level of protection IP54
Type Lead acid, Trojan T-1275 plus
Capacity (Ah) 120Ah @ 5-hour rate or 150Ah @ 20-hour rate
Voltage (V) 72V (12V x 6)
Battery pack capacity (kilowatt hours) 8.64 (calculated with 120Ah @ 5-hour rate)
Working voltage (rated/max/min) (V) 72/100/50
Continuous current (A) 85
Peak current (A) 250
Working temperature (F) -13 ~ 140

Rated Passengers:2 persons

Basic Parameter
Safety Specification
Body Fiber Glass+Metal Frame
Dimension(LXWXH) 2600x1550x1550mm
Wheelbase: 1800mm Fog Lamp
Track Width (f/r) 1275/1300mm
Drive type Front wheel drive

Function Specification
Braking system hydraulic disk for 4 wheel.
Min. ground clearance 130mm(full loaded)
Net weight 450kg(without battery)
Max speed 65km/h(with 72V 6.5kw ac motor) / 95km/h(with 120V 8.5kw ac motor)
Max climbing capability 30%
Braking distance 5 m
Running distance 120km / 160km
Charging time 8h
Parking Brake hand brake
Speed control pedal control /automatic
Power Specification
Motor 72V AC 6.5kw / 120V AC 8.5kw *** The 8.5 KW is more money.
Electric system 12V DC
Charger 72V 20A110V/220V input according different market)
Controller 72V
Battery 12V 140AH*6 lead-acid / 12V 140AH*10 lead acid
Battery type lead-acid free maintenance battery
Weight of battery 228kg
Battery life recharging for 500 times
Converter DC DC 12V
Chassis System Body color
Suspension System 4 wheel independent suspension
Steering system rack-and-pinion steering gear
Wheel type(front/rear)145/70R1269H

Green Living + Green Business = Greener Pockets by Walt Barrett © 2010

Many of our friends and associates have now realized that "Going Green" in both their personal and business lives definitely means "Greener Pockets". There are both simple and more complicated ways to "Be Green". Simple is like saving aluminum cans, and scrap metal, or news papers, and card board that only serve to clog up the landfills. I hate that word!
Someday they will be digging them up to get back the raw materials that were so unceremoniously dumped into them. Greener is when you actually sell these items for cash, or donate them to a charity that will sell them for cash. A little more complicated is installing Energy Saving Shower Heads, a Gray Water System to water your gardens, and lawns, and a Composting Toilet to eliminate the black water discharges that are overloading our sewerage treatment plants and polluting our waterways nation wide. Another inexpensive idea is to install a Solar Hot Water Heater with Tax Credits. It can save you hundreds of dollars a year and a great deal of energy too. A little more complicated is to build a smaller and super insulated home. If you are planning to build a new home, you should give the idea serious consideration. How much time do you really spend at home? Also, consider including a basement that can be designed to basically double the living space and requires very little extra heat because it is basically under ground, already at 55° Fahrenheit, and draft
free. Just carefully design all of your utilities into one corner where they can be hidden. The added cost of the basement is minimal compared to the extra space and lifetime energy savings.
Don't forget to install the foam insulation on the foundation exterior before back filling the foundation. Smaller homes are much less expensive to build, and to heat. The all around savings, and the smaller footprint make this idea a super savings project. Also with the advance lighting LED systems, more efficient solar electric modules, and lower prices for the modules now make it possible to install solar electric and also with the other systems I have mentioned you can live totally off the power and heating grid with a very small back up system for heat and hot water. One of our friends is spending $200.00 a year for propane back up. Don't forget the income tax rebates for installing certain green products. Our Company, A to Z Global Marketing Inc. can offer you the best prices for any of the Green Products. We have sold Green Products since 1973 and are known for lower prices and customer service above and beyond. You may contact me personally with any product questions at:
Be sure to check with the State and Federal Energy Departments for all incentives and tax credits. You also have to consider that smaller homes mean smaller property taxes.
With governments both state and local spending money like drunken nomads, they have never met a dollar they didn't like. No matter what they take in, they manage to spend more. All of these savings for many people could add up to as much as a million dollars in a life time of green living.
Remember, no one else, especially the politicians really cares if you die of starvation, or freeze to death in your home, or under a bridge because you couldn't pay your mortgage, or taxes. No wonder grown children are moving back in with their parents!
It's all about the money and it always has been.
Isn't it time you started saving more money, and started to "Seriously Go Green"?
Remember, "Green Living = Greener Pockets!"
© 2010 Walt Barrett