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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Solar Lighting And Water Pumping And Micro Home KIts by Walt Barrett

   You are going to be hearing and reading a great deal more about micro homes in the near future as more, and more Americans lose their homes and struggle for new and less expensive solutions to their housing problems. It makes sense that if you decide to reexamine your whole way of life, which you should, and the type of home that you are going to live in, you might as well take a good look at your utilities. Lighting water, sewerage, and heating etc.  They cost money and green energy is far less expensive energy, especially in a micro home.   People have to survive and food, clothing, and shelter are at the top of the list.  Here at A to Z Global Marketing Inc. we have experience in the solar and alternate energy field going back for forty years.  Plus I grew up in a micro home.  We already know that if you are building a compact energy efficient home that you can heat it and light it cheaper than dirt.  Heating and the other utilities normally cost a great deal of money, but we have the products and the expertise to supply you with the items that you need to do the job properly.  We can also make your hot water for bathing, and all the other housekeeping chores cheaply with solar.  If you make enough solar hot water you can also heat with it in a tight little solar home. Hot water converts into heat very nicely in a micro home by using a fan coil similar to the heater in your car.  We also have built a micro home test bed for our business, and are prepared to go into the kit business because I think that is where the future lies in the micro home business.
I say this because kits are where the good old DIY American knows he is getting value. The kit builder is making a profit, but is not scalping him, and it's worth a few extra bucks to save the waste and scrap from the costly mistakes a beginner can make. Getting your roof rafters laid out properly, and cut a the right angles is a super big time help right there alone by itself.  Mass produced pre-cut kits represent a huge savings in time too because most DIY folks only have weekends, holidays and evenings to build their projects. 
I suggest that it would be an all around good idea for beginners especially, to have a talk with me, or someone else with my experience before you jump into a micro home project.  There are many things to consider, and be sure to put it on a proper cold weather foundation so your pipes don't freeze. No one ever talks about that!  Thank you for reading.