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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Electric Cars, Batteries and your place in the industry by Walt Barrett

   Did you know that there are several hundred manufactures of electric vehicles in Asia? Well if you do a search on Google the numbers are incredible!  What is equally as incredible is the number of lead acid batteries that are being manufactured to use in these vehicles.  There are thousands of these electric vehicles being imported into the USA and other countries because they are relatively inexpensive to purchase and do not require fossil fuel.
There are already a couple of million of them in Florida alone. Every one of these vehicles has from four to eight lead acid batteries in it and they have to be maintained at minimum once a month.  
   This new market that is opening up is an incredible opportunity for you if you need business opportunity in order to make it even in a failing economy like we are currently experiencing.  We have been in the battery maintenance business no for 27 years and always run at a profit.  We started off servicing batteries with a chemical formula that I came up with 27 years ago.  Then we got so busy mixing and selling our highly successful product that we went full time just manufacturing our product.  That is why we provide anyone in the world with free training in the battery maintenance and reconditioning business. 
 Our main interest is in selling our chemical products. We are literally selling tons of our formula world wide.  Everyone including industry needs battery service and battery reconditioning. If you are interested in steady employment and financial independence then take our free training program at 
Walt Barrett's Free Battery Training  and get started on a profitable new career path.  Our free program includes how to market your business and remember THERE ARE NO FRANCHISE OR LICENSE FEES REQUIRED. 
   We offer free customer support 5 days a week  M - F -  8 AM to 4 PM by telephone at 401 725 8141 and we also offer any chemicals and equipment that you may need.
This could be your chance for a new start.
Walt Barrett