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Monday, March 25, 2013

Green Heron House and Deck Washes by Walt Barretrt

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Green Heron Detergent products are 100% made in the USA from minerals that occur naturally here in America. We manufacture Green, Septic-System-Safe, no suds and unscented Laundry Detergent. Our House & Dock Wash and Concrete & Garage Floor Wash are also all natural.
Green Heron products are dry packed to save on shipping weight and you simply add water as you mix each gallon of product as needed. It takes about 3 minutes to mix the kit. Each of our 5 gallon kits consists of five convenient one gallon dry packs for ease of mixing. Green Heron Products are very high in quality and very low in cost because we are factory direct pre- paid to our customers homes and there are no middleman involved.
We also are the manufactures of Battery Chem which has been used to recycle lead acid batteries for over 25 years. We are strictly a factory direct Internet operation and make our own products here in the USA.
We appreciate your business.

This is the first time this cement has ever been cleaned, since being poured back in 1998. That's 14 years of constant exposure to the elements, dirt & grime! Using GREEN HERON Concrete & Garage Floor Wash makes it look like it was practically poured yesterday!

Green Heron House and Dock Wash 5 gallon kit only $18.95Delivered to anywhere in the USA
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IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF THE USA, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR SHIPPING QUOTEGreen Heron Concrete and Garage Floor Wash 5 gallon kit only $18.95Delivered to anywhere in the USA
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