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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Students Can Defuse The Consumption Bomb by Walt Barrett

  I received a very well written letter the other day from a 18 year old high school senior who writes a heck of a lot better than I do, and that is for sure. I mean that letter really rocked and it cheered me up.  He actually thanked me for inspiring him about Green business and I felt cheered up after suffering four strokes already this year.  That will sure get you down. 
We are always complaining about the ability of  our younger generation to read, and write properly and God knows I make enough mistakes myself, but at least I try, lol.  Well anyway, I was really impressed by what the young man had to say concerning green businesses, and how he intended to explore the possibilities of incorporating green business ideas into his dad's repair shop to expand it.  He had a lot of good ideas, and I believe he will succeed.  So I was sitting here in my think tank this morning thinking about the massive consumption bomb that the world has been building for the last 5000 years, and the rate of growth is accelerating faster than a colony of earthworms, that is a geometric progression.  Well  it finally hit me that we can solve the problem the same way we are solving the smoking problem, and that is through our schools and more advertising.  Now we have the Internet  and it seems that young people spend much time there.  So we can start to introduce some little anti consumption ads on our web pages and blogs at no cost.  I'm working on a new blog called  (Green Living + Green Business = Green Pockets) That is the title of another blog I write. That title is going to be my national slogan for my green living campaign.  If we can persuade our students to consume less we will be doing them several large favors because living green does put more money in your pockets, and like I always say in my sales pitches, "Who doesn't want to save money?"  Prices are going higher and higher mostly because the high cost of fuel affects everything.  We should be making a point of this with our massive student population.  How about what green living does for you health?  Living longer and feeling better is an idea that captures the attention of most people.  "Live green, feel better, live longer"  I got a million of them folks! 
   A few examples of saving money.  Buying water is about $365.00 a year for one bottle a day, smoking $2500.00 a year, drinking beer $1200.00 a year, buying lunches instead of packing them $1000.00 a year up, wasting gasoline by wasting trips, easily $5.00 a day, driving a gas hog $20.00 a day or more.  These are just a few off hand items that I see every day.  Then, on top of that, if we can persuade them to recycle everything in sight that will be another huge savings.  Just think what a school system could do with the aluminum can money alone!  If I had my way there would never be a general trash pickup.  Everything would be recycle, and we would not ever send garbage, or leaves to a land fill.  We would send them to a loam factory/earthworm farm and grow the fresh food right there too. We compost everything.  We also have to cut down on the distances we ship products.  We should also be using more rail transportation costs.  Let the trucks haul from the rail yards to the local businesses etc. 
   So my point is that if we campaign more to our young people about this we are bound to make some progress with this massive consumption problem by attrition if nothing else. There are many young people who are already thinking about these problems and we should be encouraging them because everyone needs  encouraging.  We need to teach them to take a simple but scientific approach to this monster of a problem.  The students who listen will be the millionaires of the future 
Personally I have decided to do little print campaigns on all my web sites and blogs. I am depending on the students and I believe the students will defuse the population bomb.  What is your Idea? 
This is the start.