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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Smart Business Policies by Walt Barrett

Having been in the business of manufacturing lead acid type Battery Reconditioning Chemicals and reconditioning many of these units since the mid 1980's I have seen more than my share of mistreated and neglected golf cart batteries as well as all the other types of lead acid batteries.
Like all batteries golf cart batteries receive more than their share of both owner and employee neglect. Most of the complaints that we are hearing about and solving are caused by low water, undercharging and sulfation.
We have found over many years of experience that our time tested product Battery Chem has helped to restore many of these batteries by helping to remove sulfation, lowering charging temperatures and reducing charging times. We offer our dealers free training on the proper use of our product. We do not charge any fees or percentages from our dealers and we are not selling licence's or franchises. We just want to manufacture and sell our chemicals. We have the new required SDS forms and ship world wide (Formerly MSDS forms).
Our web site is www.BatteryChem.Biz and we are a time tested world wide company.
We are aware that Florida has many seasonal residents who own golf carts and that in many cases these units are left sitting in storage for up to six months just lying dormant so to speak. By adding Battery Chem to these batteries before they get a chance to fail you can greatly extend the useful life of these batteries. If one of these batteries has already failed due to neglect like sulfation, undercharging or low water and providing none of the cells are totally shorted out you can greatly extend the life of these batteries by adding Battery Chem and these batteries will improve in performance with each successive recharge 70% of the time.
I urge you to visit our free training site www.BatteryChem.Biz and learn about our company and time tested methods. Twenty-Seven years of repeat business is a pretty good record.
Walt Barrett President